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Did you know that you can outsource your leadership? The Power CFO has partnered with these fractional executives to provide your business with the most significant impact at the lowest cost. Whether you need a part-time leader, an expert for a project, or coaching and guidance, this Power C-Suite is your answer. Schedule an introductory call to learn more.

Power CFO

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Shane Glavin

Power CFO founder Shane Glavin is a servant-leader and has built a company on the premise that it's essential in life and business to have purpose and to be intentional. He has saved corporations millions of dollars and has been recognized extensively for his innovative solutions to common problems. He founded Power CFO to help smaller companies realize the enormous financial and operational benefits that enterprise-level organizations expect and experience every day.

Power CEO

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David Boim

For the past 25+ years, David Boim, DSB Management Consultants, has transformed businesses into flexible, responsive, flat organizations that drive dynamic growth. He enables companies and their executives to reach their potential. He uses a holistic combination of revenue generation, financial acumen, building a culture of collaboration, and a deep understanding of technology to lead companies to success. 

Power CRO

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Michael Gansman

Michael Gansman, the Gansman Group, has over 30 years of successful experience in building dynamic revenue generation engines, developing sustainable and accountable marketing and sales organizations, and advising business owners to help them maximize their companies' valuations.

Power CMO

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Heather Doering

Heather Doering founded Kick ACE Strategies in 2013 when small businesses were struggling to integrate digital marketing and social media into traditional marketing models.  Today, ACE Amplifies growth and authentic relationships, Connects clients to people and resources that enhance business, and Empowers clients to achieve wild success through a variety of strategies and best practices.  

Power COO

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Dan Pinkham

Dan Pinkham, Lakehurst Consulting, has over 30 years of experience building and guiding teams in industrial operations, operational excellence, engineering, and project management.  He helps companies increase their bottom lines through operational improvement consulting, structured problem-solving facilitation, and fractional operations management.

Power Coach

Tamie Rising

Tamie Rising, Pathfinder Solutions, has over 25 years of experience developing teams and leaders to their fullest potential to drive growth and value. She helps companies increase productivity, team engagement, and resilience while reducing risk, burnout, and team distress by creating cultures by design. Her mission is to empower leaders to win at work and succeed in life; guiding clients to sustain success through structured programs, dynamic conversations, insightful resources, and transformational experiences.

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