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Power CFO

More than keeping the books

Improve efficiency
Drive top-line growth
Increase bottom-line profit

Many business owners are great at their core business but struggle to grow.  These owners need a trusted partner who will honestly and unbiasedly provide insight and guidance.

When you retain a Power CFO, you get a strategic partner who takes a holistic approach to managing financial operations.


The Power CFO uses a fractional model, which means you can leverage CFO services part-time or as needed to get maximum impact for minimum dollars. 

Increase revenue and save costs with an outsourced finance department.

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Free Tool + 15 Minutes = $$$

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Got 15 minutes? Uncover bottom-line dollars that can be used for harvesting or reinvestment. Take back control of your business' finances by uncovering dollars hidden by overpayments, inefficiencies, and waste. In just 15 minutes, companies can watch their potential savings grow in real-time.

Why hire a Power CFO?

A business owner like you might choose to retain Power CFO services because - 

You have limited resources.

When your business leverages outsourced CFO services, you save on the salary and benefits required to hire a full-time executive. A Power CFO is a dedicated member of your leadership team, but on a part-time basis.

You need short term assistance.

Do you have a short-term project like establishing banking partnerships, implementing a new ERP system, or overhauling accounts payable and collection departments? A Power CFO can be contracted for a specific period, then depart without severance or other strings that could cost you money.

You need consulting or strategic guidance.

You've built a great business, but you need insight and advice from someone who has deep knowledge about business finance to grow. A Power CFO can provide guidance about development, strategy, and operations.

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