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“Money doesn’t grow on trees; it actually hides behind overpayment, inefficiency, and waste.”

✔ Master in Business Administration (MBA)
✔ 20+ years of experience
✔ Millions of dollars saved

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Power CFO founder Shane Glavin is a servant-leader and has built a company on the premise that it's essential in life and business to have purpose and to be intentional. He has saved corporations millions of dollars and has been recognized extensively for his innovative solutions to common problems.  He founded Power CFO to help smaller companies realize the enormous financial and operational benefits that enterprise-level organizations expect and experience every day. 
Shane is a dedicated dad who deeply relies on his faith in all aspects of life and business. He's a natural questioner, always exploring and seeking opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  He enjoys travel, especially anything to do with history.  Fun fact:  Shane is a ghost-hunter!  His dad loved the show Ghost Hunters, and Shane's natural curiosity, truth-seeking, and scientific approach have turned his dad's interest into a unique hobby.

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