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CFO Solutions

More than keeping the books

Finance flows through every part of your company, and it’s essential to use a holistic lens when managing your money. 


Power CFOs have the expertise to help you with –


  • Quality check financial statements

  • Develop strategic reports

  • Coach the accounting team
    Evaluate month-end processes

Financial Analysis

  • Analyze profit margin

  • Develop scenario-based forecasting

  • Optimize budgeting and planning processes

  • Review and optimize balance sheets


  • Identify coverage gaps

  • Purchase health and property & casualty insurance

  • Develop cost-sharing plans


  • Review contracts

  • Identify risks

  • Facilitate discussions


  • Develop department KPIs

  • Design data collection processes

  • Develop reporting systems


  • Evaluate tax impact of new initiatives

  • Budget for tax liabilities

  • Support tax return and credit filing


  • Identify capital needs

  • Negotiate debt

  • Develop bank reporting

  • Evaluate payment processing

Human Resources

  • Account for HR in strategic planning initiatives

  • Support recruitment of finance positions

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Design compensation plan


  • Evaluate current systems

  • Identify automation opportunities

  • Improve data flow


  • Advise sell and buy activities

  • Participate in negotiations
    Analyze offers

  • Support due-diligence efforts

  • Facilitate post-deal transitions


  • Evaluate marketing budget

  • Develop KPIs

  • Identify and segment leads by probable profitability

Are you ready to leverage a Power CFO to jump-start a holistic approach to managing your company's finances?
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