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Be a BOS

Many businesses base their existence on the phrase, “We will save you money,” or “The value we bring far outweighs what we charge.” Sadly, those are often empty phrases, not backed by hard data, proof, or anything but great-sounding words! When I started Power CFO, my goal was to equip smaller businesses with the expertise and tools to realize the millions in savings I’d found for big companies. A savings of a few thousand (or a few ten thousand) dollars can be significant for a small business. Real savings that equal dollars back in the bank!

A few years back, there was a TV show called The Finder. It was about a man who had an uncanny ability to find whatever was lost - items, people, you name it. I, too, am a Finder. I’m gifted with the ability to find money (what a cool superpower to possess, am I right?!) For more than 20 years, I’ve developed and honed this gift and saved companies millions of dollars over the years.

In 2019, I helped my employer at the time, a multi-million dollar company, realize $5 million in savings. The R.O.C.K. program I implemented earned me nominations for both Bullhorn’s Innovative Leader of the Year and the Kansas City Business Journal’s CFO of the Year. R.O.C.K. worked beautifully, uncovering lost dollars that were literally flowing out the door. When I left corporate and started Power CFO, I realized that those same cost savings could and should be experienced by small business owners.

My team and I developed the BOS assessment to put the power of R.O.C.K.’s Fortune 500 capabilities into the hands of all progressive companies, regardless of their size. BOS identifies bottom-line dollars that can be used for harvesting or reinvestment. In just 15 minutes, businesses can watch their potential savings grow in real-time, as they answer each question.

Here’s how it works

  • Click the BOS link to begin - it’s completely free to realize your savings potential

  • Answer the questions, which takes just a few minutes

  • If we uncover potential savings, we ask that you give us a chance to help you capture them and explore how our team can positively impact your business

Growing up, I was taught to never bring a problem to light without also providing possible solutions. Our best-in-class experts are specially trained to not only help you see the money you’re leaving on the table (bloated fees, tax credits most companies are unaware of, hidden costs that fleece businesses, etc); they know how to help you capture the savings. For some companies, taking BOS once is all they need to do. Others may find additional savings potential to account for workforce growth and/or revenue. Rest assured, once a company has completed the BOS assessment, we’ll automatically keep you informed of savings opportunities unique to your industry.

In this noisy, busy world, it’s reassuring to know that someone has your back. While we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, you can sleep better tonight knowing that those dollars hidden behind overpayment, inefficiency, and waste, are within reach. Take back control today. Get your free BOS assessment here.


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