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Outsourcing Your Way to Grant Writing Success

Businessman sitting at a desk with his computer open working on grant writing.

Are you getting that itch? When you recognize that your business is ready for an expansion, a new product line or another location, it can feel like an itch that needs to be scratched. With grant writing from The Power CFO, you can enjoy all the benefits of having an in-house grant writer without paying for one.

When you outsource grant writing, you will receive the following services from The Power CFO:

  • A comprehensive grant search to identify the grants you are most likely to be awarded.

  • Your grant written by a master grant writer at The Power CFO.

  • Assistance with utilizing the grant according to the rules and regulations of that award.

You might be wondering why you might go with grant writing, rather than securing a small business loan or working with an investor. While there are times these options make sense, there are some considerations you will want to explore a bit:

You Won’t Have to Pay it Back.

Sure, grant writing takes a bit of legwork, but so does applying for a loan. When you’re all through the process, you still have to pay back the loan. With grants, as long as you follow the specific requirements for how the grant money is spent, you will not incur a loan repayment.

You Don’t Have to Share.

This is that moment on Shark Tank, when one of the sharks makes an offer and you see the entrepreneur cringe. Most people want the capital infusion, but they don’t want to share their profits. When you go with a private investor, you will have to share a percentage of your business. Who could blame them? But you could choose a grant instead, and keep your business all to yourself.

You Might Receive More, Once You’ve Got One.

Grant writing is a lengthy process, so if you can prove that you have the perseverance to secure one grant, you may be awarded another in the future.

There’s a Lot Out There.

You may be tempted to dismiss the idea of a grant, wondering how your business could possibly qualify for one. That’s the benefit of working with someone experienced with grant writing. They will know how to find the grants you are most likely to be awarded.

At The Power CFO, we help you explore options for optimizing financial decisions for your business. To learn more about the grant writing services we offer, contact us today!


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